These Bracelets Contain Magic

With a love for energy healing, crystals and jewelry, it is only natural that my favorite way of working with crystal energy is to wear it. There are many ways to use crystals to promote balance and alignment within your energy field, relaxation and connection to higher spiritual realms. When we wear our crystals or carry them in our pocket, we stay close to their vibration and entrain with it, raising our vibration and operating at that frequency with greater consistency.

How Crystals Work

Entrainment is a well-accepted principle in the scientific community where two particles vibrate at varying frequencies and over time sync up to oscillate at the same rhythm. This happens in biology, psychology, sociology, physics…just about everywhere. It is seemingly the natural order and flow of energy. This phenomenon was first discovered by Dutch scientist, Christiaan Huygens, in 1665 when he noticed that two pendulum clocks that started out with different swings, began to synchronize over time no matter how out of sync they were when they started. An example of this that you might be familiar with is women’s moon cycles. It is common that when two women spend a lot of time together their moon cycles will sync up to where they are on the same monthly cycle.

So it is thought by crystal healers that our energy field entrains with the field of the crystal. Because crystals hold a consistent energetic vibration and ours is often shifting and changing, we are the more impressionable field and will move toward the consistency of the crystal.

When it comes to crystals, if you're unsure of how to actually use them or you have no idea where to begin with starting a crystal routine, you're in the right place. Our Understanding Crystal Energy course is the perfect resource to get you from curious to absolutely confident with crystals to improve your life and overall wellbeing! 

The Healing Behind the Bracelets

So now that you understand a little bit about the science and benefits behind working with crystals, let’s get back to bracelets!

Each of our bracelets are thoughtfully designed using select crystals that network together to create a potent field of energetic support. Many times, they seem come together on their own and I am just the maker, like a puppet being divinely guided on what to piece together. What I bring is a discerning eye on design to ensure that each finished piece is aesthetically pleasing and unique. Each one has its own signature. In some cases, I am designing for this energetic blueprint on the front end. And at other times, I am letting the crystals come forward and then I am weaving together their message after the fact. It’s always beautiful and perfect.

For a long time, I would attend shows and festivals and I would share more about the designs and how they were offering support to those who seemed open to hearing it. Because let’s be real, not everyone is open and some are just plain asleep at the wheel! But what I’ve found is that most people are craving this energetic support. We largely live so disconnected to our internal rhythms and are drained by daily demands and energetic encounters with others.

I started to realize that it wasn’t so obvious that these bracelets offer so much healing. And that this healing energy is exactly what was wanting to come forward. It is exactly what people need most! So we’re now creating special info cards for each of the bracelets where crystal healing is at the core of its design. Each bracelet also has a centering mantra for sending its energy deeper into the body through the healing effects of thought and sound current. Thoughts and sound are forms of energy too! And they have the ability to raise or lower your vibe. When you pair a mantra or positive affirmation with your crystals, you amplify the healing effects. 

Mother Earth Heals

I believe that the earth contains all of the medicine, support, and healing we need. She is our mother and giver of nourishment. As our culture continues to pull us away from our true nature, may we come back to the earth again and again to remember, to be energized, and to find our balance. A simple visit with nature, to reflect on the clouds, greet the sun or rain, and to just connect in to the deeper pulse that grounds us, protects us, and is forever giving and loving, can provide unmeasured restoration and renewal.

These bracelets hold the energy and love that comes from deep within the earth.

These bracelets contain magic.

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