February 15, 2019 2 min read

Continuing on with our blog series that expands on the personal mantra, Stand Firmly in Your Light.

Pillar number four is: I give myself permission and grace to be 100% authentic. stand firmly in your light pillar four

In today's world that promotes a herd mentality, standing out requires grit. It is easy to get caught in a mind trap that makes us feel unsafe or uncomfortable about being ourselves. And sometimes it feels safer to tuck ourselves away in a little cocoon. But when we give ourselves permission, we tell ourselves it's ok to be who we are. It's like a quiet little whisper, our soul longing to expand. With grace, we give ourselves the space to be uncomfortable and move through it. We become the butterfly. 

In this process we recognize there was no reason to be shy in the first place. It feels free and good to be ourselves. When we are authentic, life flows with greater ease. The heart expands and our light becomes brighter. 

When we give ourselves permission and grace to simply be who we are, stand firmly in our light. And as magical, radiant butterflies, together we light the world.

Pillar number four in action: Notice where you feel constricted in light. Where are you not giving yourself permission? Is it when you are around certain people? Or what lowers you the most? With this awareness, can you give yourself permission to be authentic in these situations? What would that look like for you? Then, lovingly create this space for yourself with grace and ease. By giving yourself permission and grace, you stand firmly in your light and inspire others to do the same.

Keep shining.

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