February 08, 2019 1 min read

Continuing on with our blog series that expands on the personal mantra, Stand Firmly in Your Light.

Pillar number three is: I honor my unique gifts and share them unapologetically.

Stand Firmly in Your Light Pillar Three

Your unique gifts are your light. You were given these gifts for a very special reason. You play a role of service to humanity and to the planet when you share them. When we step into the role, into this alignment with our soul's purpose, we expand. When we share unapologetically, without worrying what someone will think or if we will offend anyone, we stand firmly in our own light. When we show up authentically sharing our gifts, we empower others to do the same. This not only raises our own vibration but the vibration of the collective.

Be the change.

Pillar three in action: Take some time to reflect on your unique gifts and how you are sharing them. Notice when you shrink down a little or choose not to share them. And notice how often this happens. Can you recognize the value of your unique contribution to the world? What would it look like to step into your unique role of service more often? By stepping in, you honor your divine light.

By honoring your unique gifts and sharing them unapologetically, you stand firmly in your own light.

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