Stand Firmly in Your Light - Pillar One

Stand firmly in your light! This is a powerful mantra that I’ve been using for the past year. Mantras have a way of bringing me back to center when I get off course or caught in a mind trip that isn’t serving me.

Mantra means ‘mind instrument’ in Sanskrit, and it is just a meaningful phrase that promotes healing through vibrational sound when repeated. Mantras have been used for thousands of years in meditation practice and Zen Buddhism.

While most westerners don’t make time for mantra meditation practice, we do love to be inspired to be our best self! Having a personal mantra can ground us in those times when we are floating around in our head without a firm footing.

There are five pillars to this "stand firmly in your light" mantra and they will each be covered in upcoming blog posts to give each one the attention it deserves.

Let's first look at pillar one.  Pillar number one is: I don’t compare myself to others.

In a society that is driven by capitalism where you are being constantly bombarded with marketing campaigns that make you feel less than and leave you wanting more, it is easy to get caught up in the rat race. In fact, that is the very design of the so-called "rat race" – to constantly desire more.

It is a construct that promotes feelings of lack and judgement and a lot of it. We judge ourselves. We judge each other. And then we judge ourselves some more for judging others. When we compare our progress, our achievements, our beauty, our health, and our definition of success with others, it is easy to come up short. When we dwell in this place of lack, we sink a little deeper.

Standing firmly in your light (and not comparing yourself to others) means not hanging out in those areas that diminish your true light! It is a mantra to bring you back to your own beautiful story – your progress, your achievements, your beauty, your health journey, your success and ultimately, your light. By standing firmly, we don’t allow the breeze (or mind stuff) to carry us away. We stay rooted in our unique expression with a grateful heart and stay focused on our blessings, which is far more expansive.

You are being of light and you are here to shine. Learning to stand firmly and not waiver takes a focused effort. Just like a muscle, the more we practice coming back to center when life throws us off course, we grow stronger, more radiant, and we raise our vibration. Our individual work affects the collective. Together, we are the change.

Pillar One in Action: Over the next few days, take time to notice when you are caught in feelings of judgement and comparison. Pause and notice how your body feels, how your heart feels. Do you feel constricted or low? Or light and expansive? With that awareness, silently say to yourself, “Stand firmly in your light.” Take a minute to process what that means – that you are light. You have amazing things to offer the world. Notice how this centering mantra grounds you back into your beauty.

If you're looking for a more high vibrational and spiritual minded community to share this vibration and mantra with, join the Anchor the Light Facebook group to learn how to better light your world.  

All the love!

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