Stand Firmly In Your Light - Pillar Two

Continuing on with our blog series that expands on the personal mantra, Stand Firmly in Your Light (read the first pillar here)...

Pillar number two is: I don’t attach myself to the stories my mind makes up.

The mind is a powerful force. It is a force to be reckoned with. Its job is to keep us safe and alive and it will work tirelessly to this end. In times when we may not have all of the information or feel insecure, the mind responds from a place of fear. Fear drives the mind to doubt, to control, and to find stability. It feels unstable. So it creates stories and possibilities. These fictitious mind reels set off a string of actions and reactions. In this turbulence, our effort to control the situation creates a false sense of stability, thus we become more and more unstable. stand firmly in your light pillar two

When we stand back with a greater sense of awareness and recognize that these stories are not true, we no longer attach ourselves to them. Instead we can respond with compassion for our hearts and minds that may be aching. When we can be present with our feelings without reacting, we operate from a place of love. Love feels expansive in the heart. It shifts our vibration and it allows our light-body to become brighter. 

When we choose not to attach ourselves to the stories our mind makes up, we stand firmly in our own light.

Pillar two in action: Over the next few days, take time to notice when your mind makes up stories that are not true. This may be characterized by such scenarios as: you find yourself feeling tight in the chest and the breath feels shallow, making assumptions when you don't have all of the information, having conversations with people in your head trying to play out how a situation might go. If you notice this happening, stop yourself and notice the breath. Notice where this reaction originates. Acknowledge it with a deeper breath. User the breath to send compassion to the heart and mind. Feel the fear that is driving the behavior. Be present to it. Hold gratitude for your willingness to expand in this moment, seeing yourself as light. This is one of the ways you stand firmly in your light.

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Keep shining!

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