4 Ways to Protect Your Energy Field

Our world is being asked to slow down. As we find ourselves in unfamiliar routines, it's common to feel unsure and uncomfortable. Everything is disrupted. We have a new set of circumstances to which to respond. 

During this time, it's important to be present to what is and just be with it. Listen in to your body. What is it telling you? What wants to be heard? 

If you find yourself feeling drained, notice how you are exchanging. What are you giving your energy to? What are you worrying about, giving mental energy to? What do you fear? What emotions arise?

four ways to protect you energy field

These experiences are all exchanges with the greater field of energy and of potential. 

We're all responsible for how we show up, where we set our boundaries, and how much we take on. It's up to us to set the rules and pace for our own system. And it starts with good self care along with an awareness of how we are exchanging energetically with the world around us.

We all understand the importance of good self care for promoting balance and optimal wellbeing. But many lack a thorough understanding or have awareness of the energy body, also known as the subtle body. It's easy to see why because this aspect of our body is invisible to the eye. How else would we know it's there, much less that it too needs attention and self care?!

For more education on this, check out my blog post, Understanding and Caring for the Energy Body and also our free guide, Self Care for the Subtle Body - 6 Simple Ways to Improve Wellbeing.

In this post, I'm covering how to protect your energetic field. By employing protection protocols, you strengthen the consistency of your vibration and reduce how energy that isn't yours affects your field. This will cut down on the fluctuations you experience mentally, emotionally and physically throughout the day. It will allow you to be less affected by foreign energy.

It's important to note that when it comes to energy, there really isn't a good or bad. The best way to discern what feels aligned with you is to ask yourself if the energy around you makes you expand or contract. Any time energy allows you to be expansive and authentically yourself is a very good sign. 

Here are four simple ways you can protect your energy field from the not-so-good:

1. Daily protection ritual

Start your day with a daily ritual of going within and connecting with your high self. This can be coupled with meditation or it can simply be initiated with a few deep, centering breaths. Take a moment to clear your mind and become fully present. Then call upon the universe, the divine, or any high beings you connect with. Ask for their protection. 

This can become a daily prayer that is the same every day. Choose what feels good to your system. Here's one I love:

"I invite in the healing white light of God's love and divine protection to surround me throughout the day."

2. Carry selenite

Selenite is a self-charging crystal that is wonderful for clearing negative energy. Carry it with you in your purse, pocket or car. Take a moment to connect with it during your day when you need a reset. You can come back to your daily protection ritual if you find it supportive. However, once you've set the intention this isn't necessary.

3. Release what isn't yours

Take a moment to come into the present by taking a few deep, cleansing breaths. Connect with the earth by envisioning your roots growing out of your feet and down into the earth. Say either silently to yourself or aloud, "I release any energy that isn't mine, sending it down to the earth to be transformed and reused."

Notice any sensations in your body. You may feel energy leaving the body. It is common to feel it in the solar plexus, heart and hips. Just observe what you feel.

To complete the exercise, call back any of your energy that you may have scattered about. Take a deep breath and feel it return.

End with the expansive feelings of gratitude by saying, "thank you, thank you, thank you."  

4. Wear gemstone jewelry 

Crystal energy helps us to hold a more consistent vibration. When we wear gemstone jewelry, we entrain with the energetic vibrations of the crystals. This supports us with grounding, connecting to the earth and staying clear and balanced. 

Our Protection Stacking Bracelet was made especially for protecting your energy field. It's made with:

  • Black onyx - known to absorb and transform negative energy and keep you from feeling drained. Because of this it offers strength and support for the physical and emotional body, especially during stressful times.
  • Dalmatian jasper - comprised of flecks of black tourmaline which also absorb negative energy. It helps to ground your energy and impart lightness in the heart.
  • Tiger's eye - supports personal power and manifestation, and is said to impart good fortune. It has been known for strength and protection.
  • Buddha charm - reminds one to connect to the divinity within to set intentions for spiritual and energetic protection. Call on healing white light to protect your energy field.

    Mantra: I protect my energy field with healing white light.


    It's important to consider the energetic body as part of good self-care, especially during times of stress and uncertainty. By incorporating daily practices and rituals for protection, you impart greater balance and stability which will allow you to shine a brighter light to all those around you.

    Keep shining!


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