Five Ways to Energetically Cleanse Your Home

Practice Good Energetic Hygiene

Spring cleaning is something that nearly everyone does, whether to clean out dust and allergens that accumulate over the winter or to organize and clear the clutter. But as you come to learn more about energy, you’ll find that energy hygiene in your home is equally important if not more so when it comes to cleaning.

Have you ever walked into a room, whether in your own home or a friend's and thought, 'this place has a bad or weird vibe'? Space and objects can consume the energy of the experiences that move through them. Mindfully cleansing your space keeps lower vibrational energy from hanging around.

While spring is a natural time of year to do this to move the clear the stagnant energy from the winter months, it is also a good idea if:

  • You or anyone in the home has been sick
  • If you’ve had a bad day or are going through a challenging time
  • If there have been arguments or intense emotions in the home
  • After a party or when there have been a lot of people in your home

Energetic hygiene practices help clear lower vibrations that may affect your personal energy field or aura. Your energy field includes your physical body, mental body, emotional body and etheric bodies. When we hold lower vibrational energy here, it may show up as looping negative thought patterns, intense lower-level emotions or easily being emotionally triggered, feeling tired, sluggish, achy or out of balance.

Whatever the reason may be, just as we look after our personal hygiene, it is essential to care for our energy body and the energy of our environment. For more on caring for your personal energy field, see my blog and free guide, Understanding and Caring for the Energy Body.

When we engage in energy cleansing, we mindfully recalibrate the quantum field we are moving through to realign with higher harmonics and release what isn’t for our higher good.

Here are five ways to energetically cleanse your home:

1. Cleanse with Sacred Smoke

Sacred smoke created through the ancient spiritual practice known as smudging is a spiritual ritual for cleansing and purification and is a well-established means to dispel negative energy and improve mood. It is like giving your space an 'energetic bath'. Smudging is an time honored practice cultivated by indigenous people. To avoid cultural appropriation, spend some time educating yourself on where it comes from and engage in this practice mindfully, working with intention and gratitude to those who have practiced it long before you. It is also a good idea to work with plants that are ethically and sustainably sourced. 

Commonly used herbs and plants include white sage, palo santo, blue desert sage, cedar, juniper and sweetgrass. The Latin word for sage, salvia, actually means safe, secure, and healthy. 

Each plant has a unique frequency and is supportive in various ways. For example, palo santo is known for its healing and grounding effects, while sweetgrass has been used to drive out harmful spirits and invoke love, honesty, and kindness. Trust the plant that catches your attention and let that be your guide to deepen your understanding and work with it.

It is important to note that you should always work with intention as I've shared in this post by Redfin, and state your intention as you engage with the plant and its energy. It can be simply and my include prosperity, a blessing, protection, healing or gratitude. You may wish to repeat your mantra to maintain focus.  

Check out my Sacred Home Blessing Bundle which includes everything you need, including a simple prayer, to mindfully cleanse your home with sacred smoke.

2. Crystals

People have used crystals for centuries to calm their minds, harmonize their energetic bodies and deepen their spiritual connection, but crystals are also a beautiful tool for energetically balancing, cleansing and harmonizing the energy of your home.

A quintessential stone for clearing negative energy from a space is black tourmaline. Black tourmaline is an excellent choice if you are looking for a protective stone to absorb the negative energy in a room and keep it from consuming the space.

Another powerful stone for transmuting energy is shungite. This is a stone I could go on and on about! See why in this post, Why Everyone Needs Shungite. One of the most notable ways of working with it is to protect against EMF exposure, which are the electromagnetic frequencies emitted by technological devices that have a significant and for the most part, invisible impact on our energy field. EMF exposure is linked to mental and physical problems such as headaches, depression, and, among others, dizziness. Place shungite near appliance, TV’s, computers, and phones helps to neutralize the EMFs in the room.  

Other wonderful choices include amethyst, rose quartz and citrine, all varieties of quartz.  

Amethyst, known for opening the third eye, a source of power and wisdom, and is helpful with imparting improving both peace and tranquility with its violet ray. Rose quartz offers gentle, loving vibrations helping to release stress and tension while restoring confidence and emotional balance. Citrine in its yellow ray extends light and happiness and, as such, provides positive, joyful vibes. Citrine crystals are an excellent choice for inviting prosperity and abundance. 

It is important to remember to cleanse your crystals as well as they absorb the energy of a space and will be more powerful tools when cleansed regularly. Check out my post on When + Why to Cleanse Your Crystals for more on this.   

3. Sound Vibrations

Sound vibrations are a powerful way to clear negative energy and raise the energetic frequency of an environment. Sound is also a scientifically proven means to help reduce anxiety and stress. The beautiful part about working with sound as the frequencies wash over your personal energy field, your crystals and everything it touches.

You may use sound healing by toning or chanting, a wind chime, a bell (a tingsha bell, for instance), or singing bowls. With these modalities, the healing sounds 'wash' area and shift the energy. And the result is always palpable to those who are attuned to subtle energy.

4. Cleanse with Salt

Salt is a natural sterilizer and can help clear negative energy. One way to work with salt is to dissolve sea salt in bottled water (natural spring water is ideal) and mist the air. You can even add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, such as lavender, which is known for peace and calming, to create a beautiful frequency for clearing and uplifting the vibe of a space.

You can also work with salt by using Himalayan salt lamps. Himalayan salt lamps are an increasingly popular choice because of their unique color and shape, but they also cultivate a calming atmosphere with their warm, pinkish glow. Salt lamps release negatively charged ions into the air which trap pollutants and filter the air to improve the quality of the air you breathe. This is supportive to respiratory health, your energy, mood and sleep.

5. Decorate Your Home with Plants

Houseplants are scientifically proven to purify the air and promote healing. They bring the outdoors in supporting a connection to nature and they impart grounding and calming vibrations. Plants are also synonymous with growth and abundance and remind us of our greater connection to the whole.  

Like crystals and herbs, different plants are said to support us in different ways. For example, the peace lily plant is said to improve positive energy by purifying the air and neutralizing gases that may be harmful. Whereas, the cactus plant is reported to be beneficial for anxiety and depression.

Try bringing a houseplant into the areas of your home that tend to feel sluggish or energetically chaotic to support balance, peace, grounding and harmony.


It is important to recognize that we live in a world of energy and we ourselves are beings of light energy. We are always having energetic conversations with the spaces we inhabit both in what we receive energetically and what we give off. When we take the time to mindfully curate our environment to promote energetic harmony and balance, our personal energy field benefits. Try these simple suggestions to improve the energetic hygiene of your home, refresh your space and elevate your spirit. Within a short time, you may notice feeling lighter and motivated to take new and inspired action in your life. 

Tag us on social if you implement these tips. We extra love seeing your crystals and love chatting all things energy!


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