Top 5 Signs That You are a Lightworker

Top 5 Signs That You are a Lightworker

What is a Lightworker?

A lightworker refers to a spiritual being, someone meant to raise the planet's vibration and support others in their journey of healing, remembering, and returning to wholeness. A lightworker can be anyone. Whether a writer, a doctor, an actor, you name it… the title the person holds is not important. Their purpose is. 

Lightworkers are meant to bring light into the world. The lightworker's soul is illuminated. They understand that their presence matters and that they are a part of something larger than themselves. They are naturally inclined towards unity.    

Lightworkers will commonly focus on these areas within themselves and in how they support the collective:

  • Healing trauma
  • Shining a light on the 'shadow self' (repressed ideas, fears or desires)
  • Undoing harmful core beliefs

So how do you know if you are a lightworker? Here are the top five signs. 

Top Five Signs You Are a Lightworker

Top Five Signs

1. You Have an Awakened Soul

You have an increased awareness that you are alive for a purpose, and want to live your life by helping raise the collective consciousness of human beings. You are aware the purpose of life is to return to wholeness, to return to love, and to understand it is a continual growth process that just keeps getting better.

Awakened souls likely experience a heavy trigger, whether losing a job, someone they held dear to them, or their health; some kind of grievance is experienced that jolts self-awareness. They do not go through the same steps every day and live as if they were asleep. The person no longer lives life on autopilot.  

Those who are asleep do the 9-5, think that things and events are out of their control, and they may not take responsibility for where they are in life or their current situation. Awakened souls begin to ask questions about the meaning of life, and time becomes more valuable and meaningful. A connection is born between the self, others and the larger world they occupy.

2.  You Have Many Talents and Are Very Creative

You may possess various interests and have a wide range of talents. Many lightworkers are naturally creative, which should not be surprising because creativity is an expression of the soul and comes from a deep place of connection. Sometimes you may not understand what you are meant to do it as a result. But you are meant to choose how to live your life, discover your purpose and share it with others.

3. You Possess Strong Intuition

You may have an innate wisdom about the world and life in general from a young age. Naturally spiritual and philosophical, you may seem wise and mature beyond your years, as if you have the experience of numerous lifetimes. Lightworkers are naturally more connected and aligned with their higher levels so it is easier to receive higher wisdom and perceive finer energetic information about the world around them. 

4. You Possess the Power of Manifestation

Manifesting may be defined as the ability or practice of thinking aspirational thoughts to make them a reality. The law of attraction states that people attract events or situations of similar frequency as their thoughts. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are constantly casting vibrational energies that determine the people, circumstances, and experiences we attract into our lives or repel from it.

Lightworkers are capable of manifesting what they want (and refraining from that which they do not). Everyone has the power to manifest. But if you are a lightworker, you may notice that you can easily call things, whether it is a person or an experience, into your life. This is because lightworkers can effortlessly create the momentum and vibration to magnetize what they are searching for or desiring in life and making it a reality.

5. You are an Empath

An empath is a person who is sensitive to the energies of not only others but other places and situations. Because of this, you may find that you prefer 'alone time' and find yourself being irritated, sad, or overwhelmed, having consumed the energy of others. 

Judith Orloff, a New York Times bestselling author and psychiatrist, describes those who absorb happiness and stress as empaths do as 'emotional sponges.' Arguing that empaths are far more sensitive to outside stimuli, lacking the filters most people have to protect themselves from taking in too much energy, empaths tend to feel things "very deeply", more so than the average person.

Those who possess this trait may not feel like they belong, as if, as Orloff argued in her work, "The Empath's Guide to Survival", they do not "fit in with the rest of society", what she calls the 'square peg round hole syndrome’.  I discussed this in depth in my article about the four types of starseeds.

However, because of this, empaths tend to gravitate towards positions where their compassionate nature can be used to help others. So, they are generally involved in service work. Nursing, veterinary doctors, healing or teaching are all common professions.

How Do I Know If I Am a Lightworker?

By the very nature that you are reading this article, there is a good chance you are a lightworker! If any of these signs resonate with you, that is a good indication that you are here with a soul mission to bring light to world in your own unique way. And you may be spreading light and love without even fully realizing the impact you are having connecting others to their higher purpose.

While many lightworkers have already awakened, aiding others in their spiritual journey, others may not have fully blossomed yet. It is important to note that you do not have to be a spiritual teacher or healer to make an impact or spread light. The role of a lightworker is simply to demonstrate love, service and unity and through that, you offer a healing presence for others. This in and of itself is powerful and activating to other souls. This can happen at home, in the workplace, in a board room, in schools, at the grocery store – anywhere! That is the beauty of lightwork. It is needed everywhere and shows up in ordinary life bringing high vibrations for raising collective consciousness. 

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